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Russia, Kyrgyzstan, USA winners of the world Championship in Submission Grappling.

November 23-24 in Russian fight Sport center for the first time in Russia under an umbrella of UNIFIGHT took place world championship in tactical wrestling (English version - submission grappling). It was attended by athletes from 40 countries, including USA, Bulgaria, Serbia, Sweden, Nicaragua, France, Canada, Portugal and others.

Tactical wrestling is a combat sport that uses such technical actions as throws, controls, locks and chokes. Competition in tactical wrestling held according to the Olympic system. Rivals are on the square wrestling mats (tatami). Duration of the match is 5 minutes.

In the first day of the tournament was held on Gi version, i.e. in kimono. Those who visited the competitions in the Unifight, used to dynamic - strong strikes, beautiful throws. In submission wrestling fights were mainly on the ground. For an ignorant viewer was difficult to immediately understand who of the two closed in the voltage fighters advantage. The athletes were fighting to the end. A large part of the fights ended in submission. Although some fights were almost equal, and victory was awarded by points or because of the apparent technical advantages.

Championship winners in the Gi version men were: Dzhaliev Murad (60 kg, Russia), Abdizhamil Uulu Alymgeldi (65 kg, Kyrgyzstan), Ismailov Zaur (70 kg, Russia). Mataev Imran (75 kg, Russia), Sizyh Sergej (80 kg, Russia), Krasovickij Alexander (85 kg, Russia), Gjul'magomedov Jesedulah (90 kg, Russia), Onikienko Nikolaj (95 kg, Russia), Gureev Aleksej (95+ kg, Russia).

Women Shkvarunets Maria (63kg, Russia), Povarov Julia (70kg, Russia).

On the second day was a No-Gi version (without kimono). Athletes were wearing elastic t-shirt (rushguards) and wrestling shorts.

World championship gathered a lot titled sportsmen, which account for a lot of victories in different martial arts - national, European, Asian and international levels.

The winners of the Championship in the No-Gi version among men:

Gadzhiev Shamil' (60 kg, Russia), Abdizhamil Uulu Alymgeldi (65 kg, Kyrgyzstan), Karavaliev Salih (70 kg, Russia). Mataev Imran (75 kg, Russia), Tagirov Tagir (80 kg, Russia), Michael Kelly (85 kg, USA), Umalatov Gasan (90 kg, Russia), Onikienko Nikolaj (95 kg, Russia), Barulin Aleksandr (95+ kg, Russia). The title of the world champion among women of Musina Kamila (63kg, Russia) and Shkvarunets Maria (70kg, Russia).

In command offset the first place won Russian team, the second was Kyrgyzstan, third - USA.

In awarding the winners took part the President of the international Federation of Universal battle Olympic judo champion Sergey Novikov, and President of the Kaluga regional Federation Universal battle Yuri Danilov. They congratulated the sportsmen deserved awards and wished success in other arenas.

The next time the competition in tactical fight will take place at the championship of Russia, 11 -15 of December 2013 here, in the same sports center.



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